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Strapping Terms

- Why is some strapping Embossed?
Primarily polypropylene strapping is embossed for several purposes. Embossing the strapping may reduce splitting and provides a better seal joint efficiently in heat seal machines. Embossing also provides greater flexibility to the strapping. 

- How do you determine the proper number of straps per package?
It is up to the user to evaluate the suitability and safety of the individual application. Today all the "old rules" are changing as polyester is rapidly replacing steel strapping. The proper number of straps depends upon the load characteristics. Is the load shrinking, compressible, rigid, stable, expanding, etc.? How is the load to be shipped? Stored? Where? And for how long? The weight of the load is also important in determining the number of straps and break strength required. If you have a complex application that needs strapping please give us a call or send us an e-mail so an expert packaging representative can help.

- What is the difference between polyester and polypropylene?
Polyester retains tension longer than polypropylene and has a more "elastic" effect of keeping shrinking packages tighter. Polyester strapping is also being made to handle heavier loads once only thought to be capable of steel strapping. Polypropylene strapping is used for light and heavy bundling and light palletizing/unitizing application. Polyester is only used for palletizing/unitizing on the heaviest load or loads that shrink or shift significantly.

- What are the different methods of sealing strapping?
Industrial banding can be sealed using 5 primary methods. These are listed below.
HEAT : What is a heat seal joint?
A heat seal joint is created by a thermoelectric heater blade that melts and fuses two tensioned straps together under pressure.

FRICTION : What is a friction weld joint?
A friction weld joint is formed by the rapid vibration of two straps under tension creating enough heat to fuse the straps together.

METAL : What type of metal seals should be used with polyester strap?
Polyester strapping requires the use of serrated faced seals to prevent slippage and provide the most secure seal. It is up to the user to determine suitability and safety of the application.

STRENGTH : What is the joint strength of plastic strap with a metal clip vs. a heat vs. a friction weld?
It depends upon the type of strap, tool, machine, seal, or buckle. All will give different results depending upon the conditions and equipment used. Generally one should strive to get 60-80% seal joint efficiency. 80% seal efficiency can be achieved with any of the above methods under the proper operating conditions, equipment, and strap selection.

METAL : What type of metal seal should be used with polypropylene straps?
It depends upon the tools being utilized and the product being strapped. Generally standard smooth faced seals are used with polypropylene strapping. It is up to the user to determine the suitability and safety of the application.


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